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A Leading Packaging Manufacturer Company  in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Starting From 1000 Quantity

All kinds of Paper-based packaging solutions

Custom Design & Size

Made cardboard boxes to your exact specifications.


Get top-notch carton boxes at budget-friendly prices.

High-Quality Ensure

Guaranteeing top-notch carton boxes for secure and reliable packaging.

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mans printing and packaging

About Us

Mans Printing and Packaging is a packaging manufacturing company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our mission is to provide customized and sustainable packaging solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Established in 2020, we are a young and ambitious company with a passion for innovation and excellence. we offer a wide range of carton box packaging solutions for e-commerce, food, and industrial applications.

As a carton box manufacturing company, we are provider of customized, sustainable, and high-quality packaging solutions and dedicated to serving businesses of all sizes in Dhaka and beyond. And we pride ourselves on our ability to provide fast and reliable service to our clients. 

Our Services

Packaging We Offer

E-commerce Packaging

Ecommerce Packaging

Transform your online business with our premium E-commerce Packaging solution.

industrial packaging box

Industrial Packaging

Revolutionize your industrial packaging with our durable and customizable solutions.


Food Packaging

Protect and preserve your food with our innovative food packaging solutions.

eCommerce Packaging

garments Packaging

Elevate your garment packaging with our premium and sustainable options.

Our Mother Company

JZ Printing & packaging is in the packaging industry since 2012. We have come a long in this short time and become a key player in the local market. JZ is now focusing on expanding and that’s where the idea of creating mans printing & packaging came. We always had the honest intention and belief to give our clients quality and committed service. Now with mans printing & packaging, we are targeting small enterprises to offer our service.

Mans Packaging CEO | Minhazur Rahman

A Message from Mans Pac.

Packaging is not just about protecting products, it’s about creating an experience and telling a story. Let Mans Printing and Packaging help you bring your brand to life through custom packaging solutions.

Minhazur Rahman
Managing Director

Our Clients

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